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Lyrical Iowa Competition

Lyrical Iowa is an annual anthology of 300 or more poems chosen from those submitted to the competitions listed below. Contests are open to all persons with an Iowa address; you do not need to be a member of the Association. No entry fee.

IPA 2014 Contest Rules

It is essential that you follow the Contest Rules when submitting poems for consideration.
Please note: We require that all poems except haiku have titles. Also, the "Indigenous to Iowa" category has been eliminated.

Click here for the 2014 Contest Rules.

For 2014 NFSPS College/University Level Poetry Contest Rules, click here.

IPA 2013 Contest Winners

There are copies of Lyrical Iowa 2012 available for $10.00 postpaid.

1047 entries, Judge - Christine Beck, West Hartford, CT
1st - Douglas L. Miller, Solon
2nd - Joseph Chambers, Davenport
3rd - Pat Underwood, Colfax
1st HM - Shelly Reed Thieman, West Des Moines
2nd HM - Joanne Schar, Spencer
3rd HM - Steven Rose, Indianola

Norman Thomas Memorial Award
Joy Lyle, Keota
Special Award for First Time Entrant
Angela Boeke, North Liberty

28 entries, Judge - Ralph Speer, Kennewick, WA
1st - Karen Kaut, Center Point
2nd - Norma T. Schroeder, Mason City
3rd - Barbara J. Kalm, Solon
1st HM - David Mayer Gradwohl, Ames
2nd HM - Cleo McKim, Mount Pleasant
3rd HM - Michael Bourgo, Cedar Rapids

36 entries, Judge - Ralph Speer, Kennewick, WA
1st - Lori Shannon, Manning
2nd - James H. Sutton, Des Moines
3rd - Jonathan Willier, Centerville
1st HM - Betty Taylor, Hartley
2nd HM - Eleanor Stenzel, Burt
3rd HM - Marcia Haakenson, Lake View

51 Entries, Judge - Marilyn E. Juhl, Mitchellville, IA
1st - Nancy Samcoe-Link, Des Moines
2nd - Frank Kelly, Muscatine
3rd - Vicky Dovenspike, Salem
1st HM - Lynann J. Roeder, Manchester
2nd HM - Cheryl Green Whalen, Guttenberg
3rd HM - Jean M. Thompson, Postville

150 entries, Judge - Stanley Malless, Murphy, NC
1st - Virginia Mortenson, Des Moines
2nd - Del Todey Turner, Waterloo
3rd - Dennis Maulsby, Ames
1st HM - Ryan Danielson, Muscatine
2nd HM - Jed Magee, Charles City
3rd HM - Warren Robert Reinecke, Grinnell

60 entries, Judge - Nancy Riggan, Orange City, IA
1st - Lynn D. Wielenga, Hull
2nd - Sharon Elling, Latimer
3rd - Jan Blankenburg, Donnellson
1st HM - John McBride, Bettendorf
2nd HM - Margery L. Watts, Stuart
3rd HM - Elaine Tweedy Foley, Montrose


54 entries, Judge - Michael Carrino, Plattsburgh, NY
1st - Lily Allen-Duenas, Spencer (Univ. of Iowa)
1st HM - Kim van der Giessen, Lake Forest Park, WA (Dordt College)
2nd HM - Lauren Volkers, Orange City (Dordt College)
3rd HM - Amber Vis, Hull (Dordt College)

303 entries, Judge - Bonnie Romine, North English, IA
1st - Tamara Rae Gernant, 11th grade, Valley HS, West Des Moines
2nd - Natalie Colosimo, 12th grade, Valley HS, West Des Moines
3rd - Sydney Atwood, 9th grade, Van Buren HS, Oskaloosa
1st HM - Neevetha Sivagurunathan, 11th grade, Valley HS, West Des Moines
2nd HM - Rachel Groeth, 11th grade, Oskaloosa Community School
3rd HM - Tricia Shi, 12th grade, Valley HS, West Des Moines

257 Entries, Judge - Eleanor Andrews, Wells, ME
1st - Trenton Durflinger, 8th grade, Cardinal Middle School, Eldon
2nd - Caleb Fehr Ottosen, 5th grade, West Bend-Callard Community School
3rd - Rebecca Casad, 7th grade, Trinity Lutheran School, Davenport
1st HM - Danielle Bonewitz, 7th grade, Polk City, North Polk
2nd HM - Bailey Hansen, 8th grade, Jefferson Middle School, Dubuque
3rd HM - Emma Zimmerman, 6th grade, Central Intermediate, DeWitt

56 Entries, Judge - Eleanor Andrews, Wells, ME
1st - Gwendolyn Thompson, 4th grade, Nixon Elementary, Cedar Rapids
2nd - Serenity Haynes, 4th grade, Central Lee Community, Fort Madison
3rd - Sam Yoder, 3rd grade, Kalona Elementary School
1st HM - Benjamin Joens, 4th grade, Pierce Elementary, Cedar Rapids
2nd HM - Emily Twombly & Chloe Gandy, 4th grade, Nixon Elementary, Cedar Rapids
3rd HM - Erica Schulte, Robins, 4th grade, Pierce Elementary, Cedar Rapids

Some student poems entered in the 2013 IPA contest will be selected to be sent to next year's Nationals Student Award.

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