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Lyrical Iowa Competition

Lyrical Iowa is an annual anthology of 300 or more poems chosen from those submitted to the competitions listed below. Contests are open to all persons with an Iowa address; you do not need to be a member of the Association. No entry fee.

There are copies of Lyrical Iowa 2013 available for $10.00 postpaid.

IPA 2015 Contest Rules

It is essential that you follow the Contest Rules when submitting poems for consideration.
Please note: We require that all poems except haiku have titles. Also, the "Indigenous to Iowa" category has been eliminated.

Click here for the 2015 Contest Rules.

For 2015 NFSPS College/University Level Poetry Contest Rules, click here.

IPA 2014 Contest Winners

920 entries, Judge - Christine Beck, West Hartford, CT
1st - Sally Young, Little Rock
2nd - Paul C. Sabelka, West Union
3rd - Angela Boeke, North Liberty
1st HM - Rustin Larson, Fairfield
2nd HM - Marisa Donnelly, Naperville, IL (Waldorf College student)
3rd HM - Cathann Arceneaux, Ames

Norman Thomas Memorial Award
Joan Jessen Waske
Special Award for First Time Entrant
Bill Simmons, Carroll

19 entries, Judge - Ralph Speer, Kennewick, WA
1st - Denise Tiffany, Iowa City
2nd - Ellen Brandau, Osage
3rd - Carol Sisterman, St. Ansgar
1st HM - Elizabeth A. Leick, Epworth
2nd HM - Alanna Clutter, Des Moines
3rd HM - Elaine Tweedy Foley, Montrose

22 entries, Judge - Ralph Speer, Kennewick, WA
1st - Lori Shannon, Manning
2nd - James H. Sutton, Des Moines
3rd - Christine Brink, Dow City
1st HM - Betty Taylor, Hartley
2nd HM - Colleen D. Jolly, Ames
3rd HM - Chrystal Berche, Osage

49 Entries, Judge - Marilyn E. Juhl, Mitchellville, IA
1st - Dale Netherton, Farmington
2nd - Jan Blankenburg, Donnellson
3rd - Vicky Dovenspike, Salem
1st HM - Nancy Samcoe-Link, Des Moines
2nd HM - Carolyn Rohrbaugh, Sutherland
3rd HM - Janet Gilchrist, Douds

110 entries, Judge - Stanley Malless, Murphy, NC
1st - Martha Schut, Iowa City
2nd - Josie Hibbing, Hartley
3rd - Virginia Mortenson, Des Moines
1st HM - Patricia E. Noeth, Iowa City
2nd HM - Pat Bieber, Muscatine
3rd HM - Janvier Abramowitz, Coralville

67 entries, Judge - Nancy Riggan, Orange City, IA
1st - Robert P. Hansen, Bondurant
2nd - Elaine Jons Coursey, Dubuque
3rd - Julie Sharp Emmons, Norwalk
1st HM - Jonathon Willer, Centerville
2nd HM - Myrna Sandvik, Brandon
3rd HM - Carol B. McMullen, Webb


Too few entries. No contest this year.

173 entries, Judge - Kara Beary, Ottumwa, IA
1st - Hannah Birch, 12th gr. Hempstead HS, Dubuque
2nd - Tanvi Yenna, 12th gr. Valley HS, West Des Moines
3rd - Libby Root, 12th gr. Hempstead HS, Dubuque
1st HM - Christopher Bechen, 12th gr. Hempstead HS
2nd HM - Mimi Ellert-Beck, 12th gr. Hempstead HS
3rd HM - Tabitha Link, 12th gr. Hempstead HS
Sidney Atwood, 10th grade, Van Buren HS, Oskaloosa, received a 5th HM and a 7th HM in two national
contests through the National Federation of State Poetry Societies, with which IPA affiliates.
Micah Dillman, Dubuque - 1st place; Haley Morris, Clive - 3rd place; Truman Dacken, Rock Valley,
4th HM; and Cameron Cooper, West Des Moines, 6th HM, also in the National Federation contest.

257 Entries, Judge - Eleanor Andrews, Wells, ME
1st - Joey Lepire, 5th gr. Van Allen Elem., North Liberty
2nd - Chloe Fields, 8th gr. Andrew Community School
3rd - Reed Miller, 7th gr. St. Albert, Council Bluffs
1st HM - Jenna Hendrix, 5th gr. Sidney Elem
2nd HM - Serenity Haynes, 5th gr. Central Lee Community
3rd HM - Emma Heyer, 8th gr. Treynor Community Schools

56 Entries, Judge - Eleanor Andrews, Wells, ME
1st - Lauren Troutman, 4th gr. West Elem., Independence
2nd - Laura Smith, 4th gr. West Elem., Independence
3rd - Gabi Benson, 4th gr. Dubuque Lutheran School
1st HM - Ashlyn Martin, 4th gr. West Elem., Indepndence
2nd HM - Cherrylynne Hibbing, 2nd gr. Home School, Hibbing
3rd HM - Caeden P. Nyanjenga, 2nd gr. Kittrell Elem., Waterloo

Some student poems entered in the 2014 IPA contest will be selected to be sent to next year's Nationals Student Award.

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